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BORIS is a robust and efficient name service technology for high-speed and reliable distributed applications.

BORIS is used for searching resources. A resource is a named object that is accessed through the network. Internet services, documents and running applications are examples of resources. A resource can be described by a set of attributes, that depend on the resource. BORIS provides methods for searching resources that match the given attributes, and for resolving the location of the named resource.

What is BORIS for?

BORIS is used for

For comparison, how many useful web pages (resources) are not known by the search engines like Google?
How many pages are recognized but not available anymore?
How many recognized pages are available but not in the specified location?
Can you affect the way the search engines maintain the information regarding your pages?

What BORIS is NOT?

How it works?

In short, BORIS helps finding current resources in an ever changing environment.

An example demo system utilizing BORIS. Viewpoint: How BORIS could help process industry?

The benefits

The measurement devices are all wireless, so they are easy to move around (this has very little to do with BORIS, wired devices can be used as well). Adding and removing devices and their services will show in the system promptly. No need for manual device setup after relocation, all can be made automatic. The process line can be rearranged without any remove-install-configure fuss, just place your measurement devices into new location in the process line. In case of hundreds of devices, only the desired services can be extracted from the service range, thus eliminating "service pollution".

BORIS has been utilized in several projects in VTT:

Chat BORIS was used to find persons to chat with.
3D virtual church BORIS was used to find virtual rooms.
Network Pool game BORIS was used to find opposite players and remote pool calculation servers. More information: Mobile gaming with Peer2Peer facilities (Published in ERCIM News no.57).
Sensors BORIS was used to manage information between control unit and temperature sensors.
Web browser BORIS plugin was integrated to html-browser to enable resource searching through BORIS using web-browser.


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Download and licence

Evaluation binary version of BORIS with C++- and Java-based application examples for Linux (including handheld devices operating Linux Familiar) is available
free of charge for educational and research purposes. BORIS implementation utilizes protocol framework (C3PF) developed by VTT and it is possible to get BORIS
implementation also for Windows and Symbian. Before contacting any person please read and accept VTT BORIS License.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Mika Pennanen or Mr. Sami Lehtonen

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