Telecommunications Software Group Persons

Mika Pennanen

Mika Pennanen Mika Pennanen received his M.Sc. degree in computer science (specialisation area: Intelligent Systems) from the University of Helsinki. Title of the thesis was ”Agents In Virtual Home Environment”. He has researched at VTT since 2000 and research interests are focusing mobile agents and peer-to-peer technology. Since 2002, he has been a project manager in several projects that are focusing grid and p2p technologies. Also he has co-operating with other Finnish universities in research areas as grid and p2p technologies. He has experience in national and international projects relating to Mobile Internet, distributed systems (including grid and p2p) and agent technology. He has actively participated several international projects and project proposals and e.g. in CoreP2P, he has act as a member of the steering committee and will lead VTT’s research group in several WPs.

Juhani Latvakoski

Juhani Latvakoski Juhani Latvakoski is working for VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland as a Senior Research Scientist. He received his MSc, and LicTech from University of Oulu Department of Electrical Engineering, in 1989 and 1997, respectively. He has 16 years experience about industrial telecommunication systems, research and co-operation with companies. He has participated several Tekes (National) and European projects under IST and EUREKA domains. He has published ca. 25 technical and conference papers and he has several patent and pending patent applications. He has act as a reviewer in international conferences and magazines, and supervises several students in VTT. Currently his research interest include co-operating mobile networks, ad hoc networks, peer to peer systems and open service architectures.

Marko Palola

Marko Palola Marko Palola has been working as a research scientist in VTT since 1997 when he received MscTech from University of Oulu. His current research interests are mobile phone applications and software, mobile services involving downloadable applications, video capturing, annotation and streaming, and performance of mobile networks. He is the author of a mobile phone-based QoS measurement application (Moset) and he is currently running a laboratory 3G network to research mobile software development and testing.

Ilkka Norres

Ilkka Norros Ilkka Norros has the position of Research Professor at VTT and leads the network performance team. His university education centred on stochastics, and his PhD thesis (1986) considered martingale methods in certain reliability models. After joining VTT in 1988, his work has focused on mathematical modelling of queueing systems and telecommunication traffic, first in ATM and then in IP networks. His other recent research interests are spatial modelling, random graph models of large networks, modelling of peer-to-peer networking techniques, and the dependability of communication networks. He has about 20 journal and 20 conference publications. A central framework of his activity has been active participation in subsequent COST actions (224-242-257-279) in this area, and his team is also a member of the NoE Euro-NGI.

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