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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is active in European research collaboration (IST) and in national cooperation with Finnish enterprices, universities and institutions. We also serve the telecommunication industry and operators by carrying out contract research work targeted to product development for the customers.

Some public on going P2P projects of VTT:


PAN-NET is a national funding aka Tekes funding project.

PAN-NET is a single file distribution protocol which organizes the copying of a file to a potentially large number of recipients. With the PAN-NET-protocol there is no need for central authority to coordinate the transfer. Its idea is to work as a trackerless BitTorrent.

The nodes joining the distributed downloading organize themselves into an overlay network where the operation of the selection of a random peer is supported effectively. The default network is the Chord (see the homepage of the Chord project:

The file is divided into chunks of equal size. When a node has downloaded a chunk, it can upload it further to other nodes. PAN-NET has a rather generic scheme for making the decision on the transfer of a chunk. This scheme supports experimentation with various algorithms.

Contact: Mr. Ilkka Norros

PAN-NET homepage -



BORIS is a robust and efficient name service technology for high-speed and reliable distributed applications.

BORIS is used for searching resources. A resource is a named object that is accessed through the network. Internet services, documents and running applications are examples of resources. A resource can be described by a set of attributes, that depend on the resource. BORIS provides methods for searching resources that match the given attributes, and for resolving the location of the named resource.

Evaluation binary version of BORIS with C++- and Java-based application examples for Linux (including handheld devices operating Linux Familiar) is available free of charge for educational and research purposes. BORIS implementation utilizes protocol framework (C3PF) developed by VTT and it is possible to get BORIS implementation also for Windows and Symbian.

Contact: Mr. Mika Pennanen

BORIS homepage -


3G mobile service platform

3G mobile service platform is a laboratory 3G WCDMA network targeted for development and testing of mobile services.

Testing B3G mobile services

3G Mobile Service Platform Mobile services are a steadily growing business area. 3G and B3G services use many communication methods including P2P. Traditional development tools and manual testing is expensive and time consuming activity, 3G mobile service platform project provides solutions that decrease the costs of development and testing of new services in a mobile environment.

3G mobile service platform has been developed since 2004 with NetHawk, Elisa and Nokia and it is available for research projects. 3G platform supports 384 bps packet connections, SIP, and external servers such as streaming server.

Contact: Mr. Marko Palola

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